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Below you'll find some information about the various categories and piece counts we offer.  We hope it helps you determine what type of puzzle you should shop for either for yourself or as a gift.  To compare the puzzle piece sizes for the 1000 piece, 500 piece, Easy Handling 275 piece, and the Family Puzzle 400 piece, please click the title of the category and then click the alternate image. If you have never done a Cobble Hill puzzle, then you'll find our piece shapes are different than the standard "H" shape pieces you find in other brands. A signature part of Cobble Hill puzzles are the "Random Cut" puzzle piece shapes. They have been known to be called unique, odd, funky, and even diabolical.  You may find that you either love our random shapes or find them uncomfortably challenging. Some puzzlers believe that the random shapes allow them to more easily find the exact spot the piece belongs in, while others have no clue what to do with them. We recommend that if it's your first time, try and find an image that has a lot of different colours, so that you can separate the pieces into sections.  If you start with a puzzle that has all blue sky or something like our Crochet Challenge puzzle, then you may be disappointed or frustrated and give up - attributing the difficulty to the piece shapes.  We hope you find a puzzle that you can enjoy!
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1000 piece info

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Cobble Hill offers a large variety of 1000 piece puzzles. They are high-quality, with a European feel. The puzzle pieces and the puzzle box are both wrapped in linen, which reduces glare, making it easier to see details and it looks great framed! The linen wrap also gives the puzzle more depth and a nice texture. The piece sizes are small in the 1000 piece count, averaging about 1 inch per piece. Our puzzles are all random cut, meaning that each piece has a unique or, "quirky" shape. Some puzzles use a basic ribbon template when cutting the puzzle, so all the pieces look alike and align themselves in nice rows and columns. This can make it difficult to find certain pieces when fixing the puzzle - well, depending on how your visual perception works as it can be the opposite too! That's what is so great about puzzles - the different ways the piece cuts and images challenge us all differently. Customers do love our random cut puzzles and we hope you will too.

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500 piece info
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The 500 piece puzzle is great for those who want to start puzzling, but feel they can handle a bit more than a 275 or 300 piece puzzle. What makes the 500 piece puzzle so popular is that it is completely makable. For a novice, a 500 piece jigsaw is slightly less difficult than a 1000 piece puzzle, but yet challenging enough that you feel accomplished when it's finished. The piece sizes are just a smidgin' larger than the 1000 piece puzzles, which means depending on the puzzle image, you may see more of the details on a single puzzle piece; that means, it's easier to find the piece that you need. Puzzlers need to decide how much time they want to spend making a puzzle. If you are looking for a project to carry you through the winter, then go for the 1000 piece puzzle. So long as you have space in your place, then it's fine. However, if one is looking to do an activity alone or with a friend, but only over a few days (or weeks), then a 500 piece puzzle is the better buy. Sometimes, it's just best to find an image that you adore because if you like it, then you'll dedicate the time to it, no matter the piece count.

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Family Puzzle 400 piece info
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What are Family Puzzles? Family Puzzles are unique because each 400 piece puzzle includes small, medium, and large size pieces. The large pieces, good for young children, are on one side of the puzzle. The small pieces, good for adults or puzzle experts, are on the other side. And in the middle are medium size pieces. Small hands have an easier time picking up large size pieces. As well, it's easier to see the detail of the image in a large or medium size puzzle piece. However, don't be surprised if the younger one is picking up the small pieces with their eagle eyes! Sometimes, it's the adults with impaired vision who enjoys working the larger size pieces! Family Puzzles are the missing piece to your family time!
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Family Pieces 350 piece info
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In 2017, Cobble Hill Puzzle Co introduced a new piece count to its line. In an effort to support families spending quality time together, Cobble Hill has made positive changes to our Family Puzzles 400 piece based on customer feedback. Now known as, "Family Pieces 350" we offer more large sized pieces so that younger ones and seniors can spend a balanced amount of time contributing to doing the puzzle. With more large pieces comes a larger finished puzzle size and a slightly lower piece count. Family Pieces 350 still has three different sized pieces from small to medium and large that cascade by size from left to right or top to bottom, if it's a portrait puzzle. This allows people of different skill levels to work different sides of the puzzle at the same time. We hope your whole family enjoys these new puzzles!
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Easy Handling 275 piece info

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Easy Handling puzzles include 275 large size pieces. The large pieces helps visually impaired people better see the image detail and it also makes grasping the pieces simpler for those with arthritis or finger gripping challenges. These puzzles are also great for Alzheimer patients as it keeps them mentally active, but it's not overly challenging so one can feel accomplished in fixing the puzzle.
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2000 piece info
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Cobble Hill offers a large variety of 2000 piece puzzles, though not as popular as our 1000 piece category. Each puzzle is a high-quality board, with a European feel. The puzzle pieces and the puzzle box are both wrapped in linen, which reduces glare, making it easier to see details and it looks great framed! The linen wrap also gives the puzzle more depth and a nice texture. The piece sizes are slightly smaller to the 1000 piece count, averaging about .75 inch per piece. Please note that the 2000 piece puzzle is comprised of two 1000 piece puzzle templates rotated 180 degrees, resulting in opposite ends of the puzzle having matching pieces. We hope that you'll enjoy the challenge of a 2000 piece puzzle!

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