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United States

Outset Media is the sister company of Cobble Hill Puzzle Co and the exclusive North American distributor. To understand how the company came to be, you need to meet David Manga...

David (we call him Dave) grew up in Ottawa, Canada. He was just 23 and completing his BCom at the University of Ottawa when he founded Outset Media in 1996. The first product Outset Media manufactured was a board game called All Canadian Trivia. That was Dave's first best selling game and he was still at university when he launched it! After various renditions of the game, today it has evolved into Canadian Trivia Family Edition.

So, did he create Cobble Hill Puzzle Co. next? No. Did he turn his company into a media giant? Nope. He simply continued making board games and card games under the name Outset Media, which has also been called, "Offset Media", "Outside Media", "All Set Media"...yah, we know it's not the greatest name, but we're sticking with it..

The company name didn't bother people handing out awards because in 2002, Dave had a vision to create a set of educational card games called, "Professor Noggin's", and they've gone on to receive over 15 prestigious awards! The card game series is a hit amongst homeschoolers, parents, teachers, and of course, kids! Professor Noggin's card games focus on educational subjects like history, science, nature, and geography. Outset Media continued creating new brands like What?, Noggin Workshop, Jack Pine, and Create Your Own Puzzle. With over 100 games manufactured, the company firmly believes that in an era where more people are "socializing" with a computer screen, REAL social interaction is becoming more important.

Being a successful Canadian manufacturer attracted several US game and toy companies who wanted to distribute their products in Canada. Thus, Outset Media began distributing products for our American friends. Outset Media's Canadian retailers loved that we could offer them a large variety of board games, card games, and toys. To expand on that and make more products available to our US retailers as well, Outset Media branched off into new grounds...

It was in 2005, almost a decade later after manufacturing successful award winning board games and card games, that Outset Media introduced the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. Voila!

The success of Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles is flattering to say the least. Our puzzle experts spend meticulous hours combing through images to find visually appealing paintings, collages, and photos that evoke emotion. Many puzzlers have described Cobble Hill puzzles as nostalgic, endearing, lovely, durable, and fine quality. We hope you feel the same when you do your first Cobble Hill puzzle. We take great care in providing the most vivid and crisp images printed on a fine linen paper using the highest quality inks. We're confident that you'll be truly entertained by our jigsaw puzzles.

After great success of bringing Cobble Hill puzzles to Canada and the United States, our international friends wanted a 'piece' of the action, so you'll find our puzzles in many countries around the world! If you are interested in distributing Cobble Hill puzzles internationally, please click here for contact information. We look forward to serving you!

Kind regards,
Outset Media