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Consumer FAQs for Cobble Hill Puzzle Co

1. Do you have a contact form?See more.

A. Yes! Just click here or on the Customer Care link in the main navigation bar. Our contact information can be found on the form as well. This form is ideal for general questions, testimonies, or inquiries. However if you have a missing puzzle piece or a defective puzzle, please fill out our Replacement Bag Order Form for the quickest service!

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2. What do I do if I am missing a puzzle piece or have a defective puzzle?See more.

A. First, we're very sorry if it was lost at our factory! However, even if your puzzle piece refuses to come out of hiding in your home, we will replace the entire puzzle with a new bag. Please read our Puzzle Replacement instructions and know that we, unfortunately, cannot match your puzzle pieces due to the use of different unique die designs. You will receive a brand new bag for the same image. CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS.

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3. Where can I buy Cobble Hill puzzles locally?See more.

A. We love that you want to buy local! And, if you don't have a store local to you, we suggest that you buy from one of our online retailers. You may find one close to you or in your state / province, so you may save on shipping costs. To find a local retailer or online retailer, please use our Find A Store link. We do not sell puzzles directly from any of our locations.

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4. What is a UPC code?See more.

A. UPC code is a 12 digit number that helps us identify the product. You can find it on the side of your box and it starts with "6-25012". It has black stripes and it is required to replace a missing pieces or defective puzzle.

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5. Can I get a factory tour?See more.

A. We get asked this question a lot! Unfortunately, people visiting beautiful Victoria, BC would only be visiting our uneventful sales and administration office. Due to safety concerns, we don't do public tours of our warehouse either. We've very sorry, but thanks for asking!

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6. How can I suggest an image that I'd like to see as a puzzle?See more.

A. Please use the Contact Us form if you have general suggestions or names of artists you would like to suggest to us. We appreciate your suggestions!

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7. How can I submit my photos / artwork for consideration?See more.

A. You are welcome to send an email to Allegra, our Creative Director, with small images of your work. Or better yet, a link to your portfolio. At this time we only license artwork, so please no photography.

Please bear the following in mind:

Size matters. Puzzles are big! If your fabulous work of art was created at greeting-card size, it will not look so good at 26.625" x 19.25" (the size of our 1000 piece puzzles). You will need to be able to provide a print ready file that is 300 pixels per inch.

A great puzzle. Great paintings do not necessarily make great puzzles. For instance, I love the work of Edward Hopper, but I cannot think of one of his images that I would want to do as a puzzle. Below is a rough guideline of a successful puzzle - of course, there are exceptions to every rule!


  • Busy composition.
  • Colourful. Different areas in different colours is how most puzzlers sort their pieces.
  • Focal point. Easily identified subject.


  • There shouldn't be big boring areas. A vast expanse of water or sky or road should have something breaking up the monotony.
  • Too monochromatic. Too dark.
  • There is an optimal range for the size of the subject in relation to the total image. For instance on a dog puzzle, a head shot of a dog becomes a portrait of an individual animal and can lack universal appeal. Conversely, if the dog is a small silhouette in a forest, then it is a landscape scene without a main subject.

Do some research. There are many, many companies. And every one has a different range of images aimed at different kinds of retailers. Take a look at different catalogues to see if your work would make a good fit.

Please have patience. I am one person with a lot to do. And I receive many submissions daily.

Private label puzzles. If you are not looking for us to license your work, but to commission a private label printing, or you are an artist looking to have puzzles made that you will sell yourself: please contact www.puzzles-plus.com. We only do print runs over 3,000 copies. Puzzles-Plus does runs of 500.

Hope these thoughts help.
 Good luck to all,

Allegra Vernon, 
Creative Director

Click to email Allegra

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8. Can I have a catalogue mailed to me?See more.

A. No, we're sorry. Our main business is servicing retailers, so our catalogues are designed for mailing to retailers, not consumers. However, if you would like, you may click to download our catalogue.

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9. Why do you have different size puzzle boxes for the same piece count?See more.

A. We produce puzzles on special request for certain retailers. Some retailers like smaller, square boxes as it takes up less shelf space. However, the puzzle itself is the same. Our standard puzzle boxes are rectangular in shape, giving one a larger box cover image, and it is the only puzzle box size we ship on this website.

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10. What do the puzzle pieces look like?See more.

A. The Family Pieces 350 and the Easy Handling 275 puzzles have the largest size pieces, averaging between 1.5" to 4". Generally, the smallest of the three pieces in the Family Pieces is still larger than what is used in our 1000 piece puzzles. To see a comparison of the actual piece sizes, please click here.

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11. Do you make custom puzzles for individuals?See more.

A. No, we do not make custom puzzles. We have a brand of puzzles called, "Create Your Own Puzzles", but this is a blank puzzle board with various sized pieces that allow people to draw their own image. We recommend contacting Puzzle Warehouse for custom puzzles.

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12. When I buy a specific puzzle piece count, will it actually have the exact number of pieces as the box states?See more.

A. The piece count on the box is an approximation, not an accurate count of the pieces. Our puzzle dies are handmade and although we give instructions to create a 1000 or 500 piece template, the die maker does his best to come as close as possible to the piece count. However, on occasion, we could have 1002 pieces or 997 pieces in a "1000 piece" puzzle and it will be a complete puzzle in either case..

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13. How can I ship to another country outside of where I live?See more.

A. You are able to ship ONLY to the United States and Canada from our website. To ship outside of North America, please see the link for "International Online Store" under the Find a Store tab. However, if you want to ship within North America, we can help you. You can order by phone, it's toll free: 1-877-592-7374 or use the workaround below.

LIVE IN CANADA-want to SHIP TO USA: If you live in Canada and want to ship puzzles to an address in the United States, then you MUST click the link at the top for "Ship to USA". Please note, you will then be shopping on the US website in US dollars. At checkout, the BILLING information section will only allow you to choose the country "United States" and it will ask for a "State". So in the "City" field, include your city and province. In the "State" field, choose "Washington DC". This way, we'll be able to manually capture your billing information and the system will authorize your credit card. For the shipping information, enter the address as normal for where the package will need to be delivered. We do not accept PO Boxes for the United States, it must be a physical address. Proceed as expected with the order.

LIVE IN USA-want to SHIP TO CANADA: If you live in the United States and you want to ship to Canada, then you must choose the link at the top for "Ship to Canada". Please note, you will then be shopping on the Canadian website in Canadian dollars. At checkout, the BILLING information section will only allow you to choose the country "Canada" and it will ask for a "Province". The work around is to include your city and state all on the "City" field. In the "Province" field, choose "Ontario". This way, we'll be able to manually capture your billing information and the system will authorize your credit card. For the shipping information, enter the address as normal for where the package will need to be delivered. We can ship to both physical addresses and PO Box in Canada. Proceed as expected with the order.

If you have any questions, just click here or on the Customer Care link in the main navigation bar for Puzzle Inquiries (General Form). Thank you! Again, feel free to call us toll free and we'll take care of you: 1-877-592-7374.

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