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Snap A Photo!

et us see what you see in your local store! Snap a photo of a Cobble Hill puzzle wall, shelf, or floor display and you could win a free puzzle of your choice from Cobble Hill Puzzle Co! Minimum of one winner will be picked each month. Be sure to share with us the name of the store and its location!

Details: Submit the photo with the name of the store and city, state/province. All images can be used by Cobble Hill Puzzle Co (and its distributor company, Outset Media) for social media, newsletters, and website. When submitting the photo, please feel free to include your name as you would like it published (ie L.Renaud) or let us know if you want to remain anonymous. Photos will be accepted via email at info@cobblehillpuzzles.com or by letter mail to:

Cobble Hill Puzzle Co
Snap A Photo
106 - 4226 Commerce Circle
Victoria, BC V8Z 6N6

One random winner will be picked each month and contacted via email or letter and also notified via a post on Facebook, if you're a Cobble Hill Puzzle Co fan. Contest is open to North American residents. We look forward to seeing what you see!!