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Wholesale Inquiry - Why choose Cobble Hill?

Since 2005, our puzzles have taken puzzlers on an adventure with our quirky Random Cut puzzle pieces and textured linen print paper. We care about our puzzlers experience, just like we care about taking care of those who display our Cobble Hill brand in their stores. To us, our puzzles aren't just a product, they're a brand that cultivates friendship, joy, and pure satisfaction.

We are committed to supporting your success with our puzzles:
  • Our minimum wholesale order is low.
  • Mix and match puzzles choosing from hundreds of images in various piece counts.
  • Net terms
  • Cobble Hill point of purchase displays
  • Half-cuts and decals
  • Special programs with extended terms and benefits
  • Excellent Customer Care Team available to you and the puzzler
What else....?

Customer Satisfaction

The facility that manufactures our puzzles also cuts puzzles for several other puzzle companies.

What makes Cobble Hill puzzles different?

It's the countless hours that our Creative Team spends meeting licensors and artists to find those images that evoke emotion and connect with the puzzlers. We then print those lovely images on a higher quality puzzle board to ensure the puzzle pieces feel sturdy when fingers sift through the puzzle pieces and snap into place.

Rather than a standard ribbon cut puzzle with predictable patterns, we take our puzzlers on an adventure with quirky Random Cut puzzle pieces that have odd shapes and beautiful curves - this creates an enjoyable and uniquely different pattern that can be admired when assembled. We think they're pretty fun(ky)!

Our textured linen print paper not only replicates a beautiful canvas, it reduces glare from artificial lights unlike a glossy or flat finish, making it easier for the puzzler to see details on each puzzle piece.

The Cobble Hill Creations team designs Truly Original Photo puzzles in-house making them unique to our brand, giving you something different to offer, and these have quickly become some of our best-selling puzzles!

And last, but not least, from the box packaging to the shrink wrap, all materials are recyclable and environmentally friendly making the puzzler feel good about choosing our puzzles.

To top it off, you'll love our customer service. Every reputable puzzle company has a procedure for taking care of puzzlers who have an issue whether a dog chewed up a puzzle piece or the image just didn't completely satisfy the customer. Our Customer Care Team is confident that if our mutual customer has an issue, that puzzler will be 100% satisfied with our service and they'll be back to purchase more puzzles from you. Our puzzlers on social media rave about our customer service, so we're certain you'll appreciate the ease of working with us.

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