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Blah blah blog!

Blah blah blog!

Cobble Hill loves sharing your photos with the world! We also enjoy sharing our puzzler's stories. In our blog, we'll share any tips we have with our products, new puzzles releasing, highlight retailers and more.

We also have a regular guest blogger, Mr. Elmer Prather, who has enjoyed assembling Cobble Hill puzzles for many years. He usually picks puzzles that he has a connection with and then writes a story from his personal experience that he feels relates to the puzzle. He also enjoys photography, so he takes the photo of the puzzle he assembled and he may share his thoughts on what he thinks the artist was capturing in the image. All opinions and editing are his own work. We've enjoyed having Mr. Prather as a blogger and look forward to more of his work!

If you have any suggestions about what you would like us to talk about in a blog, please feel free to submit your idea through our General Inquiries form. We're always happy to hear from our puzzlers!

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