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Winter Chorus | Easy Handling 275 Piece

by 48022
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Embrace the wintry spirit with Winter Chorus! This 275-piece jigsaw puzzle has large pieces to make putting it together a breeze. Enjoy a chorus of cheerful chickadees and cardinals, chatting it up against a backdrop of snow! With Jane Shasky's gorgeous artwork, it's like having a winter wonderland right at home. Let's get puzzling!

Cobble Hill's Easy Handling 275 piece random cut puzzles are the perfect starter puzzle for any newcomer to jigsaws. The large pieces show plenty of detail so one can more easily identify where it belongs in the puzzle. The average piece size is two inches. Our seniors enjoy assembling these puzzles on their own and with grandchildren, it's a great activity for brains of all ages! It's also an easy category for a date night evening at home!

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Piece Count: Easy Handling 275 Piece

Item Code: 48022

Box Size: 8.25" x 11.25" x 2.0"

Assembled Size: 18" x 24"

Poster Size: 10" x 14"

Puzzle Cut: Random/Quirky

Finish: Linen Print

UPC: 625012480222

Artist: Jane Shasky

  • A poster is only included if the box cover says "Poster Included" below our logo.
  • In 2023, our 1000 piece to 275 piece boxes downsized from 10" x 14" x 2.38" to 8.25" x 11.25" x 2.0" and a depth of 3.75" for the 2000 piece. However, until all retailers and our warehouse have completely sold out, there will be a mix of box sizes. Please check for this detail if that matters to you.
  • Pre-2018 we did not include posters with our puzzles. The pre-2018 box frame colour is beige as opposed to green, blue, or red/rust.
  • Modular boxes that are a "square-ish" size of 7.5" x 8.0" x 2.5" do not include posters.
  • There have been no changes to the Floor and Tray Puzzles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
For my 4th Grade Class

The puzzle is a good break for my 4th grade class to work on when their work is complete. I suggest a novel idea for Cobble Hill, that is, for teachers; it would be great if the puzzles can be packaged in groups whereas 3-4 students can work on a section of the puzzle. To explain further : 1/2 of the border in a bag labeled "1" for 3 students, the other 1/2 of the border in a bag labeled "2" for 3 students, upper right hand corner in bag 3 for 3 students, lower right hand corner in bag 4 for 3 students, etc. - You get the idea. Thank you....

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