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  • collage of fine art images from Carl Larsson in a puzzle
    October 25, 2023

    "Carl Larsson" & National Fine Art Appreciation Day

    In the photo of the puzzle below you will see a gentleman dressed in a black suit looking at a painting in what appears to be an art museum. It is the second picture from the bottom on the far right side. It is a self portrait of Carl Larsson painted in 1895.
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  • Beyond Van Gogh in Victoria, BC
    September 21, 2023

    Beyond Van Gogh in Victoria, BC

    Van Gogh was commercially unsuccessful during his lifetime and considered a madman and a failure. As he only became famous after his suicide, he came to be seen as a misunderstood genius in the public mind.
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  • History of Vermeer
    June 27, 2023

    History of Vermeer

    The paintings that Vermeer created are exquisite portrayals of refined Dutch society-elegant men and women writing letters, playing music, and tending to their daily rituals-present a gentile world that is extraordinarily appealing.
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