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  • Shelve It or Stack It With No Head Tilt.
    enero 17, 2024

    Shelve It or Stack It With No Head Tilt.

    Anyone who loves to display their Cobble Hill collection will appreciate the thought that went into the design of the boxThe obvious way to appreciate the image is having it face front. But who has room to do that for their growing or "overgrown" stash? 
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  • Auto Repair - New Puzzle Sparks Memory of a New Life
    enero 8, 2024

    Auto Repair - New Puzzle Sparks Memory of a New Life

    When I saw this picture, I wondered what happened to the owner of this garage and why the 1954 Chevrolet was left sitting in the garage. The picture also leaves you wondering why all the items like the old tires and equipment are left lying around the front and side of the garage.
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  • Mark Keathley's Mountain Pass
    diciembre 19, 2023

    Mark Keathley's Mountain Pass

    When I first saw the steam powered locomotive in this puzzle picture, I thought about my ride on the Durango to Silverstone train. When I finished putting the puzzle together, I took a closer look at it and as I looked at the side of the engine, I saw the name “Durango & Silverton”.
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  • A Few New Christmas Cheer Puzzles!
    diciembre 14, 2023

    A Few New Christmas Cheer Puzzles!

    The Christmas and winter season is so full of merriment and we have several new puzzles that capture the magic of the season!  A couple of our merry friends have completed these new release puzzles and shared them with us so...

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  • Flower Press Studio: Spring into Happiness
    noviembre 16, 2023

    Flower Press Studio: Spring into Happiness

    Cobble Hill is always seeking to bring puzzlers not just new to us, but original images that you can't find in any other brand. These fabulous images were created by Keith Kralik and Rachel Parri of Flower Press Studio, who have nearly 550K followers on Instagram at the time of this posting.
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  • Rainy Day Stroll
    noviembre 2, 2023

    Rainy Day Stroll

    In the puzzle picture the focal point is the distant view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It also includes a small group of old storefronts where flowers, bread, fruits, and other products are sold. There are also two sidewalk cafes.
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  • collage of fine art images from Carl Larsson in a puzzle
    octubre 25, 2023

    "Carl Larsson" & National Fine Art Appreciation Day

    In the photo of the puzzle below you will see a gentleman dressed in a black suit looking at a painting in what appears to be an art museum. It is the second picture from the bottom on the far right side. It is a self portrait of Carl Larsson painted in 1895.
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