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A Few New Christmas Cheer Puzzles!

A Few New Christmas Cheer Puzzles!

The Christmas and winter season is so full of merriment and we have several new puzzles that capture the magic of the season!  A couple of our merry friends have completed these new release puzzles and shared them with us so you could see the finished look.

They're all available on our US website and in Canada, you can use the Find A Store link to search for a Partner Retailer who has access to all early release puzzles. On January 1, 2024, they'll be available to all retailers across North America and on our Canadian website.

 Here are Seven Puzzles Puzzled!

1. Christmas Cats - 1000pc - Diane Dempsey
Diane does it again with her Mid-Century Modern vibe featuring a gorgeous Christmas tree and curious cats. This one is a part of her cards collection from her line of Retro Christmas Cards. (Assembled by Tammi)

Christmas Cats puzzle with tree, ornaments, black cats and midmod century look

2. Snow Globe Cookies - 1000pc - Cobble Hill Creations
One of our Truly Original Puzzles created in-house to celebrate snow globes with fun Christmas and winter designs. This is a sweet treat you can leave on the table for Christmas. (Assembled by Sandy)

Snow Globe Cookies puzzle with tree, wreath and Christmas decorations


3. Winter on the Farm - 1000pc - Greg Giordano 
There's something about a big red barn that just feels right. This lovely winter image is so serene and transports you to a place of peace as the dark clouds lift to let in the light. (Assembled by Sandy)

Winter on the Farm jigsaw puzzle assembled with red barn, snow, horses


4. Snow Globes - 500pc - Robert Giordano
Oh what fun it is to shake Snow Globes every night! Hey! There's a little bit of magic inside every scene and a few peppermint treats to spice up the holidays! (Assembled by Sandy)

various sized snow globes on a table with wreath and lights background


5. Winter Woodland - 500pc -Lucy Grossmith
If you like this but prefer a larger piece count, consider her Village on a Winter Night. This one could easily be called Winter Wonderland. Magnificent! (Assembled by Sandy)

Winter Woodland puzzle with snowy landscape, woodland creatures and moonlight


6. Festive Friends - Family Pieces 350 - Larry Jones
What a joyful and playful scene of wildlife coming together to celebrate the season! It looks like these creatures are truly embracing the spirit of giving! Family Pieces 350 puzzles include small, medium and large piece that cascade in one direction - this one is large at bottom & small at top. (Assembled by Tammi)Festive Friends - cartoon like wildlife creatures stacked and cheerful


7. Winter Chorus - Easy Handling 275 - Jane Shasky
On a wintry day, the birds are still out to play.  We wonder what they're sharing today? Perhaps a new friend in the neighbourhood? (Assembled by Tammi)

Winter Chorus puzzle with birdhouses and birds in snow and holly


Thank you for checking out our NEW release puzzles! We hope you enjoy a few and share your finished puzzles with us on our Facebook or Instagram page. Special thanks to our long standing VIPs (Very Impressive Puzzlers) Tammi and Sandy for sharing their finished puzzles with us!

You can share your finished puzzles by joining us on our Quirky Together group that celebrates our funky random cut shaped pieces and all things Cobble Hill.
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